A treatment menu like no other

The Treatment Menu

This treatment menu is a collection of little love stories. Each treatment has been curated after years of work, of talking to clients, of understanding what you actually want and need, even when you’re not sure yourself.

It’s all yours, each treatment within itself is unique and will be different each time you try it.

It’s simple, beautiful and has that special wildness at heart- that feeling of freedom when unshackled from your day to day, when you quietly come back to yourself, when you look for peace, calm and all with gratitude and an open heart.


The Wild Space

Not sure what you want or need? Feeling lost and out of sorts? Have a problem that you’re not sure how to solve? Then come into The Wild Space trust in your surroundings and let’s work together to prescribe the perfect treatment for a piece of precious time.

Completely prescriptive to you, drawing from years of experience across a realm of different holistic skincare and healing techniques.

No experience will be the same, but each one will give you exactly what you need, even if you’re not sure what that is.

Trust in the energy, trust in the wild and breathe!

2 hours €160
3 hours €220


The foundation of our treatment practice. An ancient healing art that draws in the connections throughout the body to bring holistic balance to the whole. Brought in to every single treatment on this menu in some way, reflexology is an incredibly relaxing, healing treatment, either on its own or combined with other healing modalities.


A ‘has to be experienced to be believed’ ancient holistic healing technique that treats the whole body, mind and soul by activation of specific energetic points on the feet.

This is a treatment that will take you to a place like no other, step forward, embrace that flow of energy and let your whole self rest and reset.

Perfect for both a deep restorative rest and also for targeting and calming ailments - both physical and emotional.

As a one off treatment reflexology will help to bring balance to the whole body and release tension from the physical and emotional body's and taken as a course reflexology can help minimise the symptoms associated with: stress and anxiety, tension and migrane headaches, arthritis, menopause, fertility issues, menstrual pain, fatigue and general pain and discomfort felt throughout the body.


60 mins €70

Reflexology: Fertility, Pregnancy and Post-Natal

The power of working the reflexes on the feet to help bring the energy of the body into alignment.

Reflexology can help support the balance of the body, reduce overall stress levels and allow a complete flow of energy.

A beautiful treatment to support both women and men with conception, and then throughout the pregnancy, from 12 weeks onward but particularly effective from 30 weeks plus to help with the changes in the body as labour approaches.

Post natal reflexology can help with headaches, back and shoulder problems, sleep, breastfeeding and the general anxiety around having a tiny person to care for.


60 mins €70

The Reflexology Connection

Connecting the whole body through the reflex points on both the face and feet, this treatment draws on the holistic healing power to bring balance.

Starting with facial reflexology and with a focus on the top three chakras, welcoming in energy and flow. Then moving down to the feet and focusing on rooting and grounding as we work over the foot reflexes.

An amazing and oh so relaxing 90 minutes of magic.

90mins €110

Facial Reflexology

The power of working the reflexes on the face to help bring the energy of the body into alignment.

Reflexology can help support the balance of the body, reduce overall stress levels and allow a complete flow of energy.

Facial Reflexology is a gentle, meditative treatment that sends you into a deep state of relaxation. As an added benefit it helps to support the texture and tone of the skin leaving you feeling rested- and looking rested too.

60 mins €70

Root Chakra Reflexology Ritual

Drawing on the power of reflexology and the root chakra this is a treatment to really connect with the lower part of your body, finding balance and grounding.

Crystal placement, reiki, breath and smoke medicine invite a connection with the root chakra. Drawing the lines of energy into the feet, a scrub, mask and heated boots cherish and nurture the feet before the reflexology massage brings balance and harmony.

90mins €110

The Rituals

At Little Wild with Carrie we no longer practice traditional massage. These ritual treatments are completely bespoke energy massage treatments that draw in from a variety of holistic healing tools.

Massage, crystal therapy, reiki and of course reflexology, these ritual treatments work only on the upper body, to bring balance to the energetic body whilst also soothing physical tension in the back, neck, shoulders, head and face.

Wild Rocks Chakra Ritual

A powerful energy treatment for the upper body combining natural healing crystals, massage and reiki to unlock blocked chakras, reset and balance the bodies flow of life force energy.

Slow, deep massage movements ease away muscular tension and help the whole body to relax.

Toe stones used over key reflexology points on the feet encourage grounding and allow the mind to quieten.

Crystal placement on the chakras helps to regulate the energetic pathways, release negative energy and replace with a feeling of utter bliss and contentment.

Reiki energy throughout soothes the mind into a meditative state and scales the whole treatment up into an out of body experience leaving you feeling simply wonderful.

90 mins €110

Head In The Stars

When your head aches, your mind is busy, you can’t sleep, you need rest... stop for a moment and allow us to bring you to a place of blissful calm.

This is an upper body treatment with massage movements taken from ancient Ayurveda. We work to balance the energetic bodies main chakras, with particular focus on the top three; throat, third eye and crown, soothing out tension from your back, shoulders, neck and head.

Crystal placement and breath work helps you to drift into a meditative state, breathing in peace, breathing away anything that doesn't serve.

This wonderful treatment draws to a close with facial reflexology, balancing, slowing everything down and bringing in calm allowing you to break out of a frazzled life and step out into the stars.

60 mins €70

The Meditative Ritual

A meditative treatment combining calming breathwork with energy massage and reiki.

Working across the upper back, finding and releasing tension in the shoulders, neck and scalp, then coming back to your breath as we work across the chest, face and scalp, to bring calm, balance, peace and a chance to breathe a little more slowly and deeply.

Reiki energy induces a great sense of calm. Slowing everything down.

Massage is slow and deep, working across the upper body, finding tension or emotional blockages and sitting with the energy to find a release.

Breathwork at the start and the end of the treatment ties into the energy flow and allows you to sink into a meditative state.

45 mins €60

Hopi Candle Third Eye Ritual

A ancient way to unblock tension across the ear, nose and throat, ear candling is a gorgeously relaxing way to help treat headaches, hay fever and sinus issues.

A facial massage combining detoxifying facial reflexology and gua sha helps to lift and drain the skin leaving the face rested and relaxed.

45 mins €60

The Reiki Hour

The magic energy flow behind all Little Wild treatments, it’s the flow of reiki energy that brings that special wildness to our treatment menu.

A powerful healing modality of focussed energy work across the body and its energetic pathways.

A hands off or hands on treatment provided whilst you are fully clothed, reiki invites in the universal life force energy (ki) to bring balance and calm.

Reiki inspires a deep meditative state of relaxation and is suitable for anyone, at any stage of life.

60 mins €70

SuperCharged Skincare

This is naked, stripped back skincare. Your skin in it’s true form, empowered, wild, beautiful, natural and shining with health and happiness. No marketing jargon, no product purchase list, no 17 step regime, but instead, simple, organic ingredients straight from nature, brought together by science and altogether uncluttered by societies demand, Instagram filter pressure or skincare sales teams.

Trust that together we’ll find the treatments that work for you, the treatments that make your soul shine through your skin.

The Soul Facial

Our signature treatment. A wild stand in the face of corporate skincare marketing.

Treating your skin and your Soul this is a truely holistic treatment to work on the root cause of skin issues and display the natural beauty of you.

Simple and oh so beautiful.

Bringing together natural, organic skincare, facial reflexology, crystal placement and gua sha facial massage, grounding and releasing foot massage and our energy queen reiki, all working together to align and balance your skin from your souls level.

60 mins €70

The Holistic Facial

Simple and beautiful, just what your skin needs. Natural, calming, organic skincare combined with the most relaxing facial, neck, shoulder and scalp massage.

A deep cleanse, exfoliation, prescriptive masque, magic mushroom gua sha and finished with one of our luxe layered natural skin oils.

This is what skincare should be. This is what your skin wants, no fuss, just simple beauty.

60 mins €70

Deep Clean Queen Microdermabrasion

Morzine’s favourite all rounder facial treatment. A deeply cleansing machine powered exfoliation using non-allergenic crystals to remove your skins outermost layer of dead skin cells.

A non-invasive and chemical free treatment (the used crystals go in the compost), this wonderful facial reveals younger, healthier skin from the moment you hop up from the couch.

25 mins €50
45 mins €70

CACI- The Non Surgical Facelift

It’s not a facial- it’s a workout.

Advanced skincare at its best, this facial treatment uses a microcurrent to lift and contour the face for a true facial workout- with no pain or effort. Probes and pads are used to lift and tone the muscles of the face, creating a lifted look and sculpting where needed. Collagen and elastin production is increased, the skin is left toned, fresh and beautiful.

Recommended as a course of 10, followed by maintenance each month.

60mins €70

The Ultimate Pro Facial

This is THE facial for an all over boost for your skin.

90 minutes, a combination of the full Caci facelift plus a microdermabrasion. Cleans and resurfaces, stimulates collagen and elastin production as well as encouraging the muscles of the face to work a little harder. Smooths and lifts, enhances skin texture and helps to improve the flow of lymph for brighter, more awake skin.

90mins €110