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Archive: May 2021


As seen in Source Mag
6th May 2021

Almost everything you want to say to someone you can say with a hug. Hugs have a way of getting right to the point and there’s no faking them; if it’s a bad hug without genuine feeling you know straight away.

2020 has been the year of the anti-hug. Hugs are a no go area. I can’t lie, I’ve found it hard to cope. My natural instinct is to throw my arms around my family and friends. When I talk to you, I touch you; a hand on your arm, a tap on the shoulder, I’m drawn in towards you. I’m also a massage therapist and energy practitioner, so really, touch is my life.

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What is Reiki?

Energy and Magic
5th May 2021

Wu wu nonsense or scientific fact? There’s no denying that we are all made of energy. Our entire being held together by tiny vibrating fuzzies that make up our cells, our organs, our blood, our skin.

Sometimes vibrating slowly and staying where they are, sometimes going so fast and shooting off to bump into some other ones.

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