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Sauvegardons Le Front de Neige de Morzine!

Morzine Life
6th Oct 2023

Tomorrow, Saturday 7th October we’ll be joining the walk from the Palais de Sport to the building site of the Aubergade on what should be the Front de Neige community space. This is a protest walk against the building work currently happening, specifically at the site of the Aubergade, an historic hotel and once thriving part of Morzine's community spaces.

Morzine is a beautiful town, traditional, with so much character. A piece of history, a town that's been here for around 800 years before the first ski lift went up, living from the land in harmony with the mountains around her.

Of course since the development of Morzine as a ski resort the town has grown and I won’t grumble about that, we are just one of many expat families who have chosen to make their lives here, the trouble is, even in the past 8 years of us living in this house, we can see how the landscape of the town, of this view has changed, little by little as traditional buildings are sold and bought by developers.

Sympathetic development, families buying their dream homes to make right for them, holiday makers who love Morzine so much they want to spend real time here and be a part of the community, there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s progress and shows how much we as a community love where we live and we all know Morzine survives by its tourism, thats why most of us (expats) came here in the first place.

But Morzine itself is no purpose built ski resort or conglomerate idea, it’s a living breathing town- with real people, families whose heritage date back hundreds of years and it feels like what is happening now does not reflect the value in that history, culture and traditional of the town.

As a beauty therapist you’re trained to never engage clients in controversial conversation- just do nails and chat about the tv, so this as always is just my opinion, just one person who stands outside her rented house on the edge of the mountain with the view of the whole town spread before her, and I look at that view every single day.

We’re lucky that 8 years ago we were on the right grapevine to find our home. We couldn’t afford to buy a place then and now we’re resigned to the fact that we never will. We work hard, we’re not daft, we do have some debt but Morzine’s property prices are so far beyond our income that it is actually laughable.

There is so much development happening today, but it’s not for the community that keeps this town going, it’s not for the seasonaires without whom winter and summer wouldn’t look the same, it’s not for the families who want to send their children to the local school, there’s barely even any rental properties anymore and even heritage families are struggling to find accomodation for their seasonal staff. 

If our landlords decide to sell this beautiful spot that we call our home it will be snapped up by a developer, they’ll knock it down and build apartments and we wouldn’t even be able to afford a 2 bed, in the exact same place where we now live and gratefully have 3 businesses, that enable us to be here.

Of course there’d be no rental properties in Morzine within our budget, so like everyone else we would be forced to move down the valley. And the town loses, little by little it’s beating heart- the year round community. 

That’s why we’ll be joining the walk tomorrow. The beating heart of the town, those who love Morzine and want to see it grow and bloom as a year round vibrant mountain town, not a cut and paste ski resort that operates for ten years more and then becomes a ghost town outside of the few months that there’s actually snow on Pleney.

If you want to find out more then follow the association de Front de Neige on Facebook:

Or meet at the Palais de Sport at 10am tomorrow.